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Di Marzio Pickup

DiMarzio PAF 36th Anniversary DP103 Neck Humbucker Pickup Nicke Silver Chrome


DiMarzio Bass Pickup DP120 Model One 11.64kOhms 9" Lead Mudbucker Black


DiMarzio Super Distortion Pickup Humbucker USA Vintage 13.20kOhms Bridge Pos.


Dimarzio DP102 X2N Humbucker Guitar Pickup Black F Spaced


Dimarzio Virtual Vintage Blues Strat Pickup- DP402 -FREE SHIPPING- SHIP'N INCLD


Set Of Vintage Dimarzio Ibanez IBZ/USA IBZUSA H/S/S Pickups 


DiMarzio TITAN Humbucker Pickup Set, BLACK DP258 & DP259 F-Spaced face mounted


DiMarzio DP195 PAF Classic Pickup 7.93kOhms 11" Lead Nickel Cover USA


NEW - DiMarzio USA MADE DM2002 Fast Track Pickup Covers (3) - WHITE


DiMarzio Fast Track 1 DP181 Pair


1990’s DiMarzio Dual Sound pickup


Dimarzio "Vintage"  1970's  Acoustic sound hole pickup " Made in U S A "


DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion Humbucker Guitar Pickup Cream Made in USA used


Dimarzio Neck Guitar Pickup No Reserve NR U.S.A.


DiMarzio REGULAR SPACED PAF 36th Anniversary Neck Humbucker Creme DP 103 used


 Vintage Dimarzio IBZ/USA Black Ibanez Bridge Humbucker Pickup 


DiMarzio Fast Track 1 DP181 CR Stratocaster Pickup Cream Cover


NEW - DiMarzio USA MADE DM2002 Fast Track Pickup Covers (3) - BLACK


3 DiMarzio USA MADE DM2002 Fast Track Pickup Covers BLACK NOS CORGAN STYLE


Dimarzio DP100 Super Distortion F-Spaced Humbucker Guitar Pickup Black


New DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion Humbucker Guitar Pickup Cream Made in USA


Chrome Humbucker Pickup Cover Set of 2 for DiMarzio 48 mm Pole Spacing - Unused


DiMarzio Billy Corgan Loaded Strat Pickguard Black / Black


DiMarzio F-spaced PAF Joe Neck Humbucker Blue W/Black Poles DP 213


DiMarzio F-spaced Crunch Lab Bridge Humbucker Creme DP 228


Dimarzio Area Strat Pickup Set (58, 61, 67), Aged White


DiMarzio FS-1 DP110 White Bridge Pickup - Unused


Dimarzio Tone Zone & Air Norton Picks F Spaced NEW!


Lot of 4 Seymore Duncan PRS Dimarzio Electric Guitar Pickup Pickups No Reserve


DiMarzio DP-173 Twang King Telecaster Bridge Pickup "MINT"


DiMarzio Pro Track DP188 PAF Tone Stratocaster Pickup Cream Cover


DiMarzio F-spaced Illuminator Bridge Humbucker Black/Creme W/Chrome Poles DP 257


DiMarzio 36th Anniversary PAF (Neck)


Vintage 80’s Dimarzio DP103 PAF Humbucker Pickup Double Cream Solid Slug Rare!


DiMarzio F-spaced PAF 36th Anniversary Bridge Humbucker W/Nickel Cover DP 223


Bobbin Toppers That Fit DiMarzio 7 String Humbuckers


DiMarzio Titan 7 Pickup Black Neck


New DiMarzio DP189 Tone Zone S Strat Guitar Humbucker Pickup Aged White Cream US


Vtg Dimarzio Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup 1970's Pat. App For Made in U.S.A.


DiMarzio DP104 Super 2 Hot Humbucker Distortion Ceramic Guitar Pickup, Cream


DiMarzio Regular Spaced Air Classic Neck Creme W/Chrome Poles DP 190


DiMarzio Fast Track 1 Single Coil Pick-up W/Gold Rails DP 181


DiMarzio Model P+J Bass Pickup Set


DiMarzio Titan 7 String Bridge Humbucker Black W/Black Poles DP 714


DiMarzio F-Spaced Eric Johnson Custom Neck Creme DP 211